Knitting Machine Control Panel

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Do you look for better quality of manufacture of knitting machine control Panel? 
Then you have come to the right place. 
You can find easy operating Knitting Machine Panel Board here.

Exwork Price:USD 100-200 per pc 
Min Order Quantity:1 pcs 
Supply Ability: 35000 sets per Year 
Port: Xiamen 
Payment Terms:T/T

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1.Excellent quality electronic parts for circular knitting machine.
2.Professional manufacture in this field more then 20 years.
Morton multi-functional micro-procesed knitting controller.This specially desuned micro-processed knitting controller is the combination of our yearlong experience in the knitting industry.It’s also the most advanced and stable micro-processed knitting controller in the market.
Our micro-procesed knitting controller possess the sole patents as below.Self-supervising function of software program: it can prevent the controller from shutdown due to abnormal interference.
Self-testing function of hardware parts: it can prevent the damage to mechanical parts and the human body due to the loss of abnormal signals caused by the damage of electronic parts.
Perfect protective circuit for wave embossment of voltage:
It can prevent any damage to the controller caused by thundering or abnormal voltage. It can operate normally even under bad environment.
Rotational speed can be adjusted directly on the control panel: operation: H:0 60 sectional adjustment. Inching: L:0 60 sectional adjustments.
Smooth position stoppage function of the machine platform:
During position stoppage, the phenomenon of breaking vibration won’t happen on the machine platform.
View of control panel functional descriptions of the various parts :
1.Top yarn breakage indicating light
2.Bottom yarn breakage indicating light
3.Needle abnormal indicator
4.Break cloth indivating light
5.Oil abnormal indicator
6.Air abnormal indivator
7.Inverter abnormal indicator

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