Knitting Machine Dust Fan

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Do you look for excellent quality dust device manufacture? 
Then you have come to the right place. 
You can find high effiency knitting machine middle fan here.

Exwork Price:USD 130-200 per pc 
Min Order Quantity:10 pcs 
Supply Ability: 35000 sets per Year 
Port: Xiamen 
Payment Terms:T/T

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1.Excellent quality dust device for circular knitting machine.
2.Slower speed and clockwise direction can blow 95% of cotton dust in machine running condition.
Middle Fan Features
Vertical installation design to avoid the influence of the lateral side of the fabric spreader caused by the driving rod on the cloth knitting.
Patented design of reverse deceleration function, realizing more efficient dust removal in reverse asynchronous direction with machine.
Safety protection socket,earth leakage, meet strict electrial stanards.
Equipped with high-performance, high-speed, high-power dust motor.
Equipped with large-angle 4 blade fan leaves, output cylinderical high-pressure airflow, more effient cleaning.
Electrical separation setting, safer and more reliable.
Equipped with high-performance, high-speed,high-power dust mortor.
Equipped with large angle 4 blade fan leaves, output cylindrical high-pressure airflow,more efficient cleaning.
New joint design makes it easier to adjust the dust removal angle.
According to the requirements of the model, you can freely choosse 2-4 dust removal.
Safety protection socket, earth leakage, meet strict electrical standards.
Electroplated surface treament for more texture.

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