Rib Circular Knitting Machine

Short Description:

Do you want to find a High-Stability Rib Knitting Machine Manufacture for your specific 2X2 Rib knitted fabric requirement? 
Then you have come to the right place. 
We can offer Best Rib Knitting Machine in China to match your need best.

Original: Quanzhou, China
Port: Xiamen 
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets per Year 
Certification: ISO9001,CE etc.
Price: Negotiable
Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand
Payment term: TT, LC
Delivery date: 40days
Packing: export standard
Warranty: 1 year
MOQ: 1 set

Product Detail

Product Tags

MT-EC-RB2.1 26"-42" 18G--46G 56F-88F

Machine Features:
1. Suspended Wire Race Bearing Design enables the machine to run with high stability and precision.
2. Using aircraft aluminum aolly on main part of machine to improve heat dissipation performance.
3. One Stitch Adjustment to replace the visual error of the human eye with machining accuracy, and the accurate scale display with the high-precision Archimedean adjustment makes the replication process of the same cloth on different machines simple and easy.
4. Unique machine body structure design breaks through traditional thinking and improves machine stability.
5. With central stitch system, higher accuracy, simpler structure, more convenient operation.
6. Double Jersey Machine adopts a double shaft linkage structure, which can effectively eliminate the running idle caused by the gear backlash.
7. Separation of the needle distance adjustment and the transmission part of the interlock machine avoids affecting the stability of the transmission when adjusting the needle distance.

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