Knitting Machine Inverter

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Do you look for better brand inverter manufacture ?
Then you have come to the right place.
You can find higher performance knitting machine inverter here.

Exwork Price:USD 200-500 per pc
Min Order Quantity:1 set
Supply Ability: 350000 sets per Year
Port: Xiamen
Payment Terms:T/T

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1.Excellent quality .
2.Professional manufacture for more then 20 years.
3.Best after-sale service.
The Morton Inverter adopts a unique control method to achieve high torque, high precision and wide speed regulation drive to meet the high-performance requirements of general-purpose inverters; it has anti-tripping performance that exceeds similar products and is suitable for harsh grid, temperature, humidity and dust. Ability to greatly improve product reliability.
Inverter is a product that organically integrates customer’s general needs with customer’s personalized needs and industry needs, practical PI, simple PLC flexible input and output terminals, pulse frequency setting, power failure and shutdown parameter storage selection, frequency setting channel bundled with running command channel, zero-frequency hysteresis control, main and auxiliary given control, swing frequency control, fixed length control, etc., to provide advanced integrated solutions for equipment manufacturing customers, to reduce system costs and improve system reliability Has great value;

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